Smashing The Ceiling: Need for Women Inclusive Workforce



Equality remains just a word, at a place where there is a crystal discrimination engraved in the fabric of diplomacy. For decades, women have been fighting hard to achieve a status, that is at least at par with men in various aspects of life.

Women are being paid less in comparison to men holding the same profiles in an organization for the same job. It reflects the situation where women face a barrier to their career growth, referred to as ‘The Glass Ceiling’: a keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements.


According to a Globe and Mail report, “Of Canada’s top 500 companies, just 25 are led by female CEOs. Over the last 15 years, the percentage of Canadian women in senior corporate positions has improved marginally representing the change in the trend.”

In the words of Corry Stevenson, an oil and gas professional, “One of the most common issues that our society have been facing for a very long time: the pay gap between genders.” She added, “yes, the gender pay gap exists. It is not a myth, it is real. Many countries’ women suffer from the discrimination in pay that they receive for their hard work.”

Furthermore, the gap is not only between men and women, it also depends upon the ethnicity of the woman. The below chart shows the impact of gender pay gap on women of different ethnicity.


The gender wage gap study conducted in the USA shows the difference in the earnings in 20 common occupations in the year of 2015. The report shows a significant difference between the earnings between men and women. If you look at a study by statistics portal in the UK, you will find that the result is same as the USA wherein the median hourly earnings for full-time employees-female in 2016 was 12.82 whereas the male received 14.16. This is a substantial difference to be acknowledged. 

It is imperative to compensate people on how well they work and not on what gender they are. It’s time for firms to realize that it can no longer retain the discrimination that it has been bringing up for decades. Women are no longer submissive and are raising their voice against any sort of discrimination. The power of women is their knowledge, skills, capacity and sensitivity to their environment. In my opinion, the glass ceiling will break leading to better society with equality and wellness. missing

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A Place to Nourish Your Marriage


Imagine an organization where members light candles and pray for the healthy married life without considering distance and time as a barrier. A place where a couple in Manitoba, Canada blesses and worships for a couple in Manila, Philippines.


WWME Weekends, an event conducted to invite couples to join the club, happens twice a year, targeting 20 couples per Weekend. The event brings the existing as well as new members together and involves 13 different talks by instructors qualified by the organization.Started in 1952, Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME) aims at proclaiming the value of marriage.

The organization welcomes married couples and priests (who are married to the Church). It got started in Spain – by Father Gabriel Calvo – with the notion to develop an open, honest married life and to form a sacramental relation serving each other.


It has its presence in 90 countries and has helped to fix 1.6 million marriages. The Church Universal series captured WWME and defines it as an organization making a positive difference in the world through their charitable words and prayerful lives.

The talks at WWME Weekends are reviewed, assessed, and approved before delivering. They teach and follow the practices to build relations in the presence of a priest. In a WWME Weekend, there are three married couples sharing their experiences in the presence of a priest.

The couples are then invited for a “Journeying” event, once every month, to nourish and practice the learnings from the WWME Weekends. Each group makes their own circles (regions) and work towards developing and training a new circle.


Currently, there are five circles called Regions, Manitoba being Region five. Mr. Stan Amaladas, a board member of WWME, explains, “They have sacraments: Sacrament of Marriage and Sacrament of Holy Orders.”

The idea is to solve problems, practice the positive dialogues as a couple, and enhance the sustainability of marriages. Mr. Amaladas added, “It focusses on celebrating what’s already taking place in the relationship. 90% of the couples come to build togetherness in their marriage.”


Across the world, the organization motivates the circles to be connected emotionally and they bless each other, no matter how far are they located.  The members are available 24×7 on WWME Weekend.

WWME is a defined platform to give direction as well as inspiration for married couples. The motive is to create the built-in values required to make marriages a success. The message they convey: they are “Tremendously Biased: Biased for Sustained and Happy Marriages”. For more information, visit

Corporate Profile


Mr. Ram Sharma is a senior consultant at Delhi Transport Corporation. Based in New Delhi, Mr. Sharma has four decades of professional experience in technical and operational leadership in the automobile industry.

Prior to freelancing, he served as a deputy chief general manager for Delhi Transport Corporation, managing a staff of 10 thousand employees. He gained exposure in vendor management, public relations, resource planning, project management, purchase decisions, and tender handling. He has led multiple valuable projects including fuel consumption control, pollution under control centres regulation, and diesel conservation. In addition, he has held top management positions in reputed organizations such as the general manager in Metro Transit, and City Life Travels.

The board of Transport decided to involve him as a Vigilance Officer where he monitored official relations with government agencies such as Central Vigilance Commission, Central Bureau of Investigation, and Anti-Corruption Units. He has developed and directed policies governing the organizations’ operations division.

Mr. Sharma holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University, India.


Secrets of Being Positive by Ms. Dipti Sharma


As per the theme of my blog which is “Positivity and how to keep it up and running”. To make it sure as to whether I am going in the right direction, I got an opportunity to interview Ms. Dipti Sharma, a Learning and Development professional. Ms. Sharma has a rich experience of 10+ years in training and development. She has been a Learning & Development (L&D) Manager with a great background providing leadership and managing the implementation of Company’s Learning Development strategy. She has a Masters in Human Resource Management and completed many certifications specialized in L&D including Neuro-linguistic programming  (NLP).  She is an inspiration and a hub of knowledge and learning. She has also been working as a freelance trainer in many management schools  and organizations on topics like Grievance handling, chasing our Passion,

Here are few of the insights by her:

Question: What is the concept of being Positive?

Answer: Positivity can be explained in many ways, but there are two major things.

  • Imbibing Positivity: We can spread a bright environment by using the positive words/language even when we talk. For example, rather than using “I can”, start using “I have to”. Once we have excelled using positive words/language. The next step is to sustain positivity.
  • Sustaining positivity: It is really hard to have a control on our thoughts, but we have the power to drive them into our way. For example, if we are getting negative thoughts, then try to think about the best time we had in our life. It is not easy, but not impossible.

If you do what is easy, your life will be hard, If you do what is hard your life will be easy

Question: What is the secret to being positive all the times?

Answer:: Realize the meaning of life and be thankful for everything that we have. Show Gratitude and it would give an immense feeling of inner peace and happiness, hence generating the positivity within us


Question: How should we start the process?

Answer: There are 3 steps to get  it done

  1. Ask what you want: We should have a quality time with ourselves to solve the big problems and question “What do I want?”. The asker is the only person who can answer this question.
  2. Believe that it will surely happen: Once we know the desire, then BELIEVE that it will happen. It is certain that we have to take necessary actions to achieve the desire, but the force with the actions helps to get it done.
  3. Feel that you have Received: While we are working towards the accomplishment of the desire, start feeling that we have already got this. This thinking will multiply the positive force.

Question: What are your Suggestions to the world?


Answer: Reflect what we hold within. A positive mind and pure heart are the keys to peaceful living. Exchange the positive vibes with everything around us and sense the difference. Share our knowledge with others rather than confining it to ourselves and limiting it to our own domain. If we share, we will get in return as well. We will be able to expand our reservoir.

4 Soul Benefits of Playing Guitar

How many of us have ever experienced the moment when you get out after a refreshing dip in the water on a sunny beach?  Aaahhhhhh… This is how you feel after practicing the guitar. The way we need food for our body to keep working, we need food for our soul to keep going!

Source: Self

For those who can feel the magic of music, it is indeed food for the soul. It brings a sense of relaxation, inner peace, and a connection with one’s self. Before we decide to take up any work that we do, we generally tend to ask ourselves: What is in it for me? Let’s take a step back from the material desires we have been holding onto, and realize the innumerable benefits that we can derive from music!

1. Beats Stress- The strings of the guitar have the magic of calming us down, no matter how much stress we carry. It just changes our mood in a nanosecond.

x354-q80                                                                       Image Source

2. Focuses on the PRESENT – The emotion of the current moment comes to life while our fingers play through the strings of the guitar. It also enhances concentration and a mental-physical coordination.

3. Makes Us Ambidextrous – We, generally, tend to use either the left or the right hand for most of the work that we do. The story is different when we play guitar as we use both of our hands while playing it. With one hand we pick the strings and the another hand is used for creating sound (either strum or lead)

guitar1Image Source

4. Creates Positive Vibes: Not English, Neither Spanish, Nor Hindi, Mandarin or the sign language either! The universe has a common language. Nature communicates through vibes that we sense. Music helps us eliminate the negativity and absorb the positive vibes. It makes mind peaceful while leaving us fully rejuvenated and new!

5 Exciting Reasons for Chasing Your PASSION

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” — Oprah Winfrey

In today’s extra busy world, we tend to lose focus on what we actually want to do in our lives. We strive for all the materialistic things and complain when we don’t like the job we pursue. Give it a thought! That happens all the time.

I am not asking you to leave your job or follow what you want. I understand we have responsibilities; we have to cater to them. We have to start our journey by taking baby steps for ourselves. One of the greatest person I know said once, “You should overburden the responsibilities from our conviction, rather than letting responsibilities overburden you”.


Passion is that activity that takes you to the realm of happiness and satisfaction. You tend to do things by delving into them. You walk with your dream. There is a saying that “If you don’t work for your dream, someone will hire you to work for theirs.


Image Source

You must be thinking, what does it take to follow a passion? I suggest that you follow the D.R.I.L.L approach.

DISCIPLINE – To achieve something, you should have a routine and commitment. For example, if you love to have a perfect physique, you have to get up and work out regularly.


INITIATIVE – Take a step up for yourself.

LEARN – Each moment of life teaches us something. Gather all your experiences and learn from them.

LOVE – Try to love everything around you. This develops an optimistic view for pursuing your desire.

Now, here are five major reasons: “Why to follow your passion?

1. Feel Creative 

When you work for yourself, you think more creatively than when you work for others. You discover ideas that have never come to mind before. It is said that the right side of the brain becomes more active when you think creatively.

2. It’s Joyous

Imagine a work that you will love doing. You want to give 100% to your deliverable. This is not because you have to do it; it is because you love to do it. Going after one’s passion is like a never ending and joyful journey.


Image Source

3. Always Stress-free

Working towards what you desire for, keeps you stress-free as you tend to know that it is for you and only you. It purifies the heart and the mind.  Your contribution flows through your dedication and this happens as you go. You need not emphasize it.

4.  No Set time for Working

There is no standard time to start taking steps towards your dream. It can be anytime you feel. For an example, AR Rahman, an oscar winner, musician, works late night and produces the music that blows the mind of the listeners.

5. Helps you to Grow from Within

Moving the steps in the direction of your desire, illuminates the traits in  your personality. It makes you happy. You should live to the fullest to experience the life you admire and pray for.


Image Source

You have to take an action to achieve what you want, no matter how big or small the step is. Your passion can be anything music, trekking, swimming , public speaking, singing, working for others, etc.

After reading this blog, let’s commit that we will take a small step towards our passion every week.


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Unlock the Door To Dig and Improve “SELF”

dig-yourselfImage Source

Developing self is a part of life, but learning how to do this, is an Art of life. The very definition of life is different for each of us! We all have ambitions, interests, hobbies, passions, desires and myriad plans to be accomplished. The most successful of the people would even say, “Through the path of success that we have achieved.. somewhere.. we have missed, what we call, ‘life’. Friends, life is not earning a handsome salary, life is not having a settled house and assets. Life is an experience. And every single moment that we experience is a learning. Looking at our own self, finding what gives us peace and being able to pursue it, is life.We all are so much preoccupied that we don’t concentrate on personal development. All of us are engrossed in the studies, jobs, children, relationships, etc. that we forget to concentrate on the most important person i.e., SELF. He/She is the one carrying, managing, organizing, motivating, doing all of what is desired and required to sustain. We need to nurture ourselves like babies so that we always have a scope for improvement and we can grow by leaps and bounds. Now, I have some treasure to share with you. If you will accept and implement this treasure then, you will be at the Zenith of SELF.

We are so acclimatized to care much for all the objects (be that be living or non-living) around us like people (family, relatives, friends, professors, etc.), environment, issues (personal, or social), knowledge and many other. Spending the entire day working for a business that is ours, or someone else’s, or the Government with utmost efficiency and spending the rest of the time fulfilling household responsibilities timely, have left the inside of us completely ignored and alone. Is there not a need to spare at least some time for our own ‘self’? We tend not to realize that the force which is taking these forward is MYSELF, which is not taken care of. There is a need to explore within ourselves which is lacking. We don’t tend to take care of OURSELVES.

Developing Self.png                                                                   Image Source

The reason I am writing this blog post is to make YOU realize the Importance of Exploring, and then Developing SELF. The key to reach to the Zenith of ‘Myself’ lies within ‘Myself’. We need to illuminate the areas where we have to take care of ourselves and then applying algorithms to fix the Lacking Areas. As we all are students in our lives. We learn every day, but seldom apply what we learn. The blog post will unlock all the secret doors of achieving Self-fulfillment. Introspecting gives a person the chance to understand oneself, makes us realize the problems we are facing. Many times, we search for the solutions for the problems whose answers lie INSIDE US.


Secrets to Share

I have secret tricks if implemented, will surely lead you to achieve the goal of exploring and developing Self. The most important and inevitable step towards Developing Self process is…….





…….Have to wait for the Next Blog :P. I can assure that the secrets I will share will certainly help in Developing OneSelf.

A Brief About ME

I am a person who loves to groom myself, learn from people and apply all that I have learned from the problems of my life. I focus on keeping the life easy and interesting all the time. This blog series will give you a gist of the life hacks to be happy, focused, and successful at the same time. The idea is to Explore and Improve Self.

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