Small Things That Encouraged Me To Step Up. Wanna know more?

Though I was settled in my career and achieved the education, still I changed my mind and decided to come to Canada. Do you know why ?

It was a DESIRE to step up. I completed masters and was working as a marketing and customer relationship management professional in a consulting firm. Everything seemed to be fine, but there was something that was pushing me to go out of the my shell and achieve more. And that thing was my inner voice to expand my wings to extend my comfort zone.


I used to work and always imagine how the graphic design team. communications team and top management works. I wanted to know all those skills, but work used to stop me. I was already 27 years old and still not feeling accomplished. I used to think that I should know more about marketing.

Fortunately, during this time I got an opportunity to visit Chicago for a business trip. This trip amplified my will to learn and join school again. As I always worked with North American companies and clients, my inclination was towards getting my education in North America. I talked to myself and decided to take a halt from work and go on a learning path.


I knew it would be difficult as I was planning to go to Canada to pursue Public Relations and Marketing.  For two years, I was thinking and not doing anything for this. By the grace of God and motivation by my family, I decided to come to Canada. I had two choices, one was Vancouver Island University and the other was the University of Winnipeg. I chose to come to Winnipeg to pursue Public Relations and Marketing.


Now, I am getting exposed to the things I dream for including international work experience and educational experience. Thank God I took the decision of expanding my career shell and sail in a country where I never visited before in my entire life.


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