Smashing The Ceiling: Need for Women Inclusive Workforce



Equality remains just a word, at a place where there is a crystal discrimination engraved in the fabric of diplomacy. For decades, women have been fighting hard to achieve a status, that is at least at par with men in various aspects of life.

Women are being paid less in comparison to men holding the same profiles in an organization for the same job. It reflects the situation where women face a barrier to their career growth, referred to as ‘The Glass Ceiling’: a keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements.


According to a Globe and Mail report, “Of Canada’s top 500 companies, just 25 are led by female CEOs. Over the last 15 years, the percentage of Canadian women in senior corporate positions has improved marginally representing the change in the trend.”

In the words of Corry Stevenson, an oil and gas professional, “One of the most common issues that our society have been facing for a very long time: the pay gap between genders.” She added, “yes, the gender pay gap exists. It is not a myth, it is real. Many countries’ women suffer from the discrimination in pay that they receive for their hard work.”

Furthermore, the gap is not only between men and women, it also depends upon the ethnicity of the woman. The below chart shows the impact of gender pay gap on women of different ethnicity.


The gender wage gap study conducted in the USA shows the difference in the earnings in 20 common occupations in the year of 2015. The report shows a significant difference between the earnings between men and women. If you look at a study by statistics portal in the UK, you will find that the result is same as the USA wherein the median hourly earnings for full-time employees-female in 2016 was 12.82 whereas the male received 14.16. This is a substantial difference to be acknowledged. 

It is imperative to compensate people on how well they work and not on what gender they are. It’s time for firms to realize that it can no longer retain the discrimination that it has been bringing up for decades. Women are no longer submissive and are raising their voice against any sort of discrimination. The power of women is their knowledge, skills, capacity and sensitivity to their environment. In my opinion, the glass ceiling will break leading to better society with equality and wellness. missing

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