A Place to Nourish Your Marriage


Imagine an organization where members light candles and pray for the healthy married life without considering distance and time as a barrier. A place where a couple in Manitoba, Canada blesses and worships for a couple in Manila, Philippines.


WWME Weekends, an event conducted to invite couples to join the club, happens twice a year, targeting 20 couples per Weekend. The event brings the existing as well as new members together and involves 13 different talks by instructors qualified by the organization.Started in 1952, Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME) aims at proclaiming the value of marriage.

The organization welcomes married couples and priests (who are married to the Church). It got started in Spain – by Father Gabriel Calvo – with the notion to develop an open, honest married life and to form a sacramental relation serving each other.


It has its presence in 90 countries and has helped to fix 1.6 million marriages. The Church Universal series captured WWME and defines it as an organization making a positive difference in the world through their charitable words and prayerful lives.

The talks at WWME Weekends are reviewed, assessed, and approved before delivering. They teach and follow the practices to build relations in the presence of a priest. In a WWME Weekend, there are three married couples sharing their experiences in the presence of a priest.

The couples are then invited for a “Journeying” event, once every month, to nourish and practice the learnings from the WWME Weekends. Each group makes their own circles (regions) and work towards developing and training a new circle.


Currently, there are five circles called Regions, Manitoba being Region five. Mr. Stan Amaladas, a board member of WWME, explains, “They have sacraments: Sacrament of Marriage and Sacrament of Holy Orders.”

The idea is to solve problems, practice the positive dialogues as a couple, and enhance the sustainability of marriages. Mr. Amaladas added, “It focusses on celebrating what’s already taking place in the relationship. 90% of the couples come to build togetherness in their marriage.”


Across the world, the organization motivates the circles to be connected emotionally and they bless each other, no matter how far are they located.  The members are available 24×7 on WWME Weekend.

WWME is a defined platform to give direction as well as inspiration for married couples. The motive is to create the built-in values required to make marriages a success. The message they convey: they are “Tremendously Biased: Biased for Sustained and Happy Marriages”. For more information, visit www.wwme.org.


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