4 Soul Benefits of Playing Guitar

How many of us have ever experienced the moment when you get out after a refreshing dip in the water on a sunny beach?  Aaahhhhhh… This is how you feel after practicing the guitar. The way we need food for our body to keep working, we need food for our soul to keep going!

Source: Self

For those who can feel the magic of music, it is indeed food for the soul. It brings a sense of relaxation, inner peace, and a connection with one’s self. Before we decide to take up any work that we do, we generally tend to ask ourselves: What is in it for me? Let’s take a step back from the material desires we have been holding onto, and realize the innumerable benefits that we can derive from music!

1. Beats Stress- The strings of the guitar have the magic of calming us down, no matter how much stress we carry. It just changes our mood in a nanosecond.

x354-q80                                                                       Image Source

2. Focuses on the PRESENT – The emotion of the current moment comes to life while our fingers play through the strings of the guitar. It also enhances concentration and a mental-physical coordination.

3. Makes Us Ambidextrous – We, generally, tend to use either the left or the right hand for most of the work that we do. The story is different when we play guitar as we use both of our hands while playing it. With one hand we pick the strings and the another hand is used for creating sound (either strum or lead)

guitar1Image Source

4. Creates Positive Vibes: Not English, Neither Spanish, Nor Hindi, Mandarin or the sign language either! The universe has a common language. Nature communicates through vibes that we sense. Music helps us eliminate the negativity and absorb the positive vibes. It makes mind peaceful while leaving us fully rejuvenated and new!


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