5 Exciting Reasons for Chasing Your PASSION

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” — Oprah Winfrey

In today’s extra busy world, we tend to lose focus on what we actually want to do in our lives. We strive for all the materialistic things and complain when we don’t like the job we pursue. Give it a thought! That happens all the time.

I am not asking you to leave your job or follow what you want. I understand we have responsibilities; we have to cater to them. We have to start our journey by taking baby steps for ourselves. One of the greatest person I know said once, “You should overburden the responsibilities from our conviction, rather than letting responsibilities overburden you”.


Passion is that activity that takes you to the realm of happiness and satisfaction. You tend to do things by delving into them. You walk with your dream. There is a saying that “If you don’t work for your dream, someone will hire you to work for theirs.


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You must be thinking, what does it take to follow a passion? I suggest that you follow the D.R.I.L.L approach.

DISCIPLINE – To achieve something, you should have a routine and commitment. For example, if you love to have a perfect physique, you have to get up and work out regularly.


INITIATIVE – Take a step up for yourself.

LEARN – Each moment of life teaches us something. Gather all your experiences and learn from them.

LOVE – Try to love everything around you. This develops an optimistic view for pursuing your desire.

Now, here are five major reasons: “Why to follow your passion?

1. Feel Creative 

When you work for yourself, you think more creatively than when you work for others. You discover ideas that have never come to mind before. It is said that the right side of the brain becomes more active when you think creatively.

2. It’s Joyous

Imagine a work that you will love doing. You want to give 100% to your deliverable. This is not because you have to do it; it is because you love to do it. Going after one’s passion is like a never ending and joyful journey.


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3. Always Stress-free

Working towards what you desire for, keeps you stress-free as you tend to know that it is for you and only you. It purifies the heart and the mind.  Your contribution flows through your dedication and this happens as you go. You need not emphasize it.

4.  No Set time for Working

There is no standard time to start taking steps towards your dream. It can be anytime you feel. For an example, AR Rahman, an oscar winner, musician, works late night and produces the music that blows the mind of the listeners.

5. Helps you to Grow from Within

Moving the steps in the direction of your desire, illuminates the traits in  your personality. It makes you happy. You should live to the fullest to experience the life you admire and pray for.


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You have to take an action to achieve what you want, no matter how big or small the step is. Your passion can be anything music, trekking, swimming , public speaking, singing, working for others, etc.

After reading this blog, let’s commit that we will take a small step towards our passion every week.


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