Unlock the Door To Dig and Improve “SELF”

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Developing self is a part of life, but learning how to do this, is an Art of life. The very definition of life is different for each of us! We all have ambitions, interests, hobbies, passions, desires and myriad plans to be accomplished. The most successful of the people would even say, “Through the path of success that we have achieved.. somewhere.. we have missed, what we call, ‘life’. Friends, life is not earning a handsome salary, life is not having a settled house and assets. Life is an experience. And every single moment that we experience is a learning. Looking at our Self, finding what gives us peace and being able to pursue it, is life.We all are so much preoccupied that we don’t concentrate on personal development. All of us are engrossed in the studies, jobs, children, relationships, etc. that we forget to concentrate on the most important person i.e., SELF. He/She is the one carrying, managing, organizing, motivating, doing all of what is desired and required to sustain. We need to nurture ourselves like babies so that we always have a scope for improvement and we can grow by leaps and bounds. Now, I have some treasure to share with you. If you will accept and implement this treasure then, you will be at the Zenith of SELF.

We are so acclimatized to care much for all the objects (be that be living or non-living) around us like people (family, relatives, friends, professors, etc.), environment, issues (personal, or social), knowledge and many other. Spending the entire day working for a business that is ours, or someone else’s, or the Government with utmost efficiency and spending the rest of the time fulfilling household responsibilities timely, have left the inside of us completely ignored and alone. Is there not a need to spare at least some time for our own ‘self’? We tend not to realize that the force which is taking these forward is MYSELF, which is not taken care of. There is a need to explore within ourselves which is lacking. We don’t tend to take care of OURSELVES.

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The reason I am writing this blog post is to make YOU realize the Importance of Exploring, and then Developing SELF. The key to reach to the Zenith of ‘Myself’ lies within ‘Myself’. We need to illuminate the areas where we have to take care of ourselves and then applying algorithms to fix the Lacking Areas. As we all are students in our lives. We learn every day, but seldom apply what we learn. The blog post will unlock all the secret doors of achieving Self-fulfillment. Introspecting gives a person the chance to understand oneself, makes us realize the problems we are facing. Many times, we search for the solutions for the problems whose answers lie INSIDE US.


Secrets to Share

I have secret tricks if implemented, will surely lead you to achieve the goal of exploring and developing Self. The most important and inevitable step towards Developing Self process is…….





…….Have to visit my Next Blog :P. I can assure that the secrets I will share will certainly help in Developing OneSelf.

A Brief About ME

I am a person who loves to groom myself, learn from people and apply all that I have learned from the problems of my life. I focus on keeping the life easy and interesting all the time. This blog series will give you a gist of the life hacks to be happy, focused, and successful at the same time. The idea is to Explore and Improve Self.

Please feel free to write the feedback and comment. If you don’t feel like sharing your feedback, you may write to me at vaibhav.sharma180489@gmail.com or connect with me on Linkedin


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