5 Powerful Secrets for Self-Emergence

The most important ingredient towards Developing-Self process is to BE with Self, which is not taken care of. In the words of Swami Vivekananda, we should “Talk to yourself once in a day, otherwise, One may miss meeting a wonderful person in the world.

Life is full of plateaus which we have to overcome by improving ourselves continuously. Now the question arises, How to be with Ourselves? Here are some powerful secrets:

1. Meditate

Meditation is the key to illuminating the inner-self of an individual. It is like a beacon which enlightens the path of life. There are many benefits by doing Meditation: Physical as well as Mental.

How to meditate?? Just Watch Your Breath. This can be done anytime while walking, driving, eating, working, cooking, playing, etc. For a trial, take 5 real long breaths and see the difference. It will certainly make us feel lighter and fresher. It keeps us ready for the next task.

Imagine: When we see the sunset, what kind of breath we have? Compared to the situation when we get angry. The state in which we are relaxed, we tend to take long breaths.


Image Source

2. Talk to Yourself

We should sit with ourselves for some time. Talk to the inner-self. Just ask the most usual question: How are you, Dude? How are you feeling? How are things going? This activity does nothing but activates ourselves from inside, and we tend to extract solutions of the problems, we are looking answers for.


Photo By Rod Sullivan

Pat your back to appreciate yourself after every small success or achievement. Patting activates the body and if you pat on the back then, it is the sign of appreciation. In the Indian tradition, when younger people touch the feet, and elders give blessings and give the appreciation by patting the back.


Image Source

3. Leave Your Comfort Zone

Self Development is to Leave Your Comfort Zone and Extend it. Highly Recommended!!! This is required to experience some Out of the World experiences.



Image Source


Like this image, till the time we will not leave our comfort zone, we will not be able to experience the bigger and new world, full of opportunities. It will not only broaden the horizon but also give us a new mindset to approach obstacles in life. Leaving the Comfort Zone adds value to the life and takes the learning graph in an upward direction. An example of this is as follows: The students who leave their home country to pursue higher studies and gain experience of a new culture. They learn how to live their life without the comforts they had in their home country. Another example: the people who chase their dream and make it happen. It is a very hard decision to leave the job (or routine life) and run for the dream. In a nutshell, it is necessary to Break the Comfort to Rule the World.

4. Live in the PRESENT

One of the most important things we all miss in our life is to Enjoy the present moment. Our mind hinders from the past to the future but never be in the PRESENT. It’s very important to realize the fact that PRESENT is, in itself a PRESENT.


Image Source (Self Edited)

One of the best exercise to be in the Present is to try a Tongue Twister. For Example Upper Roller, Lower Roller. I have a challenge: Speak this 10 times and leave a comment, there is a surprise waiting for you :). Or try to touch your nose with your tongue.

Now, please stop doing this!!! Just realize that you were not evening thinking of any other moment while you were doing both of the activities. It does not matter whether were you able to do that or not, the most important thing is you were giving your 100%. Live your life in the present movement to give your fullest to the situation.


travelling-aloneImage Source

Last, but not the least, sometimes it is essential to pack your bag and go like a free bird. Traveling alone has its own relevance. It teaches us a lot of things and brings lifetime experiences. Following are some of the benefits of traveling alone:

  • Enhances the time management skills
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Enhances the social skills to interact with new mates
  • Makes life adventurous
  • Reinvent Oneself

These 5 secrets, if implemented, will certainly be helpful in developing an individual in life. Here is a must watch video by Mr. Brian Tracy:

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